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As we know it is the wet season time of year now where roofs are leaking and gutters are overflowing! It is the perfect time to start addressing any potential issues.


Please find below several services we can carry out/tips for the wet season:


Roof Leaks

Please don’t assume that just because it is raining that it isn’t a burst pipe – it may not be from the rain, it very well may be a burst pipe. Each wet season we always have half a dozen jobs where we attend for a “roof leak” and it is actually a burst pipe so please remember this is a possibility and the signs of damage are very similar.



Tap and Drain Doctor NT can carry out roof sheet, gutter and down pipe replacements. We can even clean them out to prevent possible water damage to the building or have the gutters falling down due to excess debris.


Solar HWS

The Wet season also creates a lot of cloud cover which results in heavy rain and minimum sunlight. This limits the amount of sun light the solar hot water heaters get, so it is a good time to get them serviced so there is maximum flow throughout the panels and to get maximum sunlight on the internal plate of the panel to maximise the heat.



Tap and Drain Doctor NT can help prevent drainage issues by using a hydro jetter to clear obstructions from your storm water pipes, which helps the water get away quicker to help prevent flooding. 

Please note that to carry out these kind of works and also be covered by insurance, plumbers are required to have completed the roof plumbing elective in their certificate III. As I am a self-certified plumber, and my plumbers have completed cert III and all of our works are covered by insurance companies. Unfortunately for some owners, I have seen works completed by others who are not qualified which has led to repair works not being covered by insurance companies now or in future if problems occur again.

Going away on holidays?


Tips/Tricks from Tap and Drain Doctor NT:


  • Turning off your main water supply - Something that often gets overlooked is turning off the main water supply before you go away. If there is an undetected leak, you don’t want it to potentially cause any flooding/damage while you’re not there! Make sure when you turn off the main water supply that you let the taps run until no water comes out before you leave the house. When you return, you might have to wait a while before the water runs again but it beats a waterlogged home any day!

  • Clean out gutters and other areas - Maybe you’ve been putting it off or maybe you’ve just been a little busy with everything leading up to Christmas. Cleaning out your gutters, taps and sinks before you go is a must! Any litter in the gutter can cause the water flow to block and potentially cause damage.

  • Clean your taps and sinks and any other fixtures - But remember harsh abraisive cleaners can often do more damage than good. Try to use something like vinegar and a toothbrush or cloth instead.

  • Call Tap and Drain Doctor NT for a qualified plumber to attend and assess your property and help with any issues/give any recommendations.

About Tap & Drain Doctor



Don’t be confused by our name Tap and Drain Doctor NT, we know drains!


Avoid Odours

Nobody wants to have to deal with an unpleasant stench, especially not inside your home. A clear indicator of something unhealthy happening in your drains is a bad smell. Over time build up of food, leaf litter, hair and other materials can cause partial blocks in your drains, and this becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. Drain cleaning can avoid these partial blocks and help you steer clear of unsavoury smells caused by decomposing material in your drains. Smells aside, healthy clear drains mean less chance of a major blockage resulting in an emergency plumbing call out.


Bacteria loves dirty drains

Drains are a great breeding grounds for bacteria like E.coli and salmonella. Considering the kind of waste that makes its way through our drains each day there’s no wonder that bacteria enjoy these conditions. A drain cleaning service can eradicate bacteria and sterilise drains in order to minimise the potential for illness for your family.


Regular drain cleaning

Tap & Drain Doctor NT can inspect your drains and piping to ensure everything is in good health by using CCTV cameras to inspect the drains to see if there are cracked pipes where roots are penetrating the pipes causing blockages and allowing sewerage to overflow onto the ground. This can save you money in the long run and is far more economical to have done.


Remember that store bought drain cleaners (i.e costic soda) are corrosive and we don’t recommend using them!